Learn The Interesting History Of Steampunk

While most know the steampunk is the cultural sub-genre that involves top hats, gears, keys, and goggles, many don’t know how this cultural movement happened. Steampunk is now a popular genre used in movies, performances, and on television. So, it’s important to have some background to the whole movement in order to understand it as a whole.

Steampunk started as far back as the Victorian era. Author Jules Verne is many times credited as a main contributor to the steampunk movement that gained fire in the 1970s. Novels like 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea are prime examples of not only the power of steam, but also the sort of sci-fi world where steam power can be used for more than just moving trains forward.

Novels were modeled after Verne’s successful one and used steam in creative ways. In the 1970s, there was a revival and in 1987 the term steampunk was coined by author KW Jeter in his novel Morlock Night. Ever since then, the steam punk movement has been growing into what we now consider the movement we have today.

Today, there are many different genres of steampunk. For artists, cosplayers, and enthusiasts everywhere, steampunk can be shaped to fit almost any mold. Whether you want to dress in the Victorian era or are more into the post-apocalyptic look, there is a steampunk style for you. SteampunkThreads carries clothes for all of your steampunk needs. Check out our clothing line and accessories, and find the perfect look for your next event.

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