Melanie’s Sunday Best Gown
Melanie’s Sunday Best Gown
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Melanie’s Sunday Best Gown

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If you’ve never worn a full hoop skirt, this is your chance. This gown is made for balls and the most special of Steampunk gatherings, not to mention guaranteed not to be forgotten. Starting with the stand-up taffeta collar, this is a gown that won’t disappoint. The collar is followed by a figuring flattering button-up bodice lined with gimp panels -- the ultimate in authentic Victorian design. The bodice connects with graceful ¾ length sleeves, ready to be paired with your best kid gloves. The skirt is full enough to be worn over a full hoop or petticoat. 

  • Available in sizes XS-XXL.
  • Model is photographed with a lace cape, parasol, and accessories, all sold separately. 
  • Made in the USA by the Steampunk Threads team. 
  • Dry clean only. 

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